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Makaton tutor


I am a Makaton tutor and I have over ten years of experience of working with children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Working with children and young people with special needs and disabilities is a passion of mine, not just a career. This professional passion became a personal one in 2019, when my son was born with Cerebral Palsy; the start of my own little adventure.

My son's Cerebral Palsy has mainly affected his verbal motor function and thanks to Makaton he is able to express his extensive vocabulary and understanding wonderfully. He is the reason I am a Makaton tutor today.

I want to ensure everyone has access to this incredible language programme that empowers those with special needs and disabilities to achieve their potential!

If you would like to start your Makaton journey with me please get in touch.

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My background

Within my current role for Resources for Autism, I support parents and children by providing advice, training and advocacy. Prior to this, I worked as an Inclusion Officer across three inner city London schools. I worked extensively with children who had a variety of needs such as Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, chromosomal imbalances and medical needs. I was responsible for implementing EHCPs, instilling inclusive teaching practices and training staff and parents. Within my work I am able to utilise my psychology background to inform my practise and recommend research based strategies.

I am trained in the following programmes of support: